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Electrosensitivity: The Häublein case


On February 13, 2013, the body of Carsten Häublein a former pastor from Ammertal, was recovered from the river Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). From the available evidence, it was concluded that he had taken his own life. After seven years of suffering whenever he was exposed to mobile communication radiation (RF-EMF), he obviously had lost the courage to continue this way of life.

The Häublein case is an example of a tragedy in Europe, where thousands of people suffering from the aftereffects of electrosensitivity are classified as psychologically peculiar or even mentally disturbed. The sole reason of this claim is to deny RF-EMF being the cause of this suffering.
Since 2006, pastor Häublein was strongly committed to have electrosensitivity regarded as an environmental illness.

Let us hope that courageous judges will be found not only in France who understand the basis for electrosensitivity, who question the rationale for the safety limits and who provide justice to electrosensitive people.

Prof. Franz Adlkofer published to the third anniversary of the death of Father Häublein this report:
Electrosensitivity: as experienced by an electrosensitive person and assessed by scientists

Read the report - PDF >>> [361 KB]